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St. Martin Online Service has partnered with Travel Guard insurance for your car rental insurance needs. Travel Guard is a third-party insurance provider who orders the RCI (Rental Collision Insurance) on your car rental. The cost of Travel Guard is $7.00 or $9.00 per day plus a one time $3.00 policy fee (when purchased in advance of your trip). In some cases the cost of the RCI (also referred to as CDW) can range depending on car type and location.

To Purchase: Visit Travel Guard Insurance Policy, or contact us by phone at 1.877.479.6227


Rental Car Collision Damage Waiver Benefit - comprehensive up to $35,000!

Comprehensive Collision Damage Benefit:

Covers cost of repairs for collision or comprehensive damage to a rental car, up to the limit of coverage, for which the car rental contract holds you responsible. Not covered are obligations you assume under any agreement or acting in violation of your car rental agreement.


$10,000 of coverage for $7 per car per day or $35,000 of coverage for $9 per car per day. There is an additional $3.00 policy fee per plan.

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